Friday, August 20, 2010

Little Me and Report Card Comments - Is It Too Late to Request a Conference?

Here is a reflection, as best as I can get it, of my report cards from elementary school.  I don't remember much about my report cards.  But, as I wrote about previously, luckily I have some saved documents to help with the foggy parts.  

I don't know about you, but in the elementary school where I teach writing report card comments takes a lot of work.  It takes weeks of reflection, review, and careful crafting of words.  But, I guess when you only have a five-inch line and a pen as your comment tools, there just isn't that much to say.  Here are seven years (my eighth grade report card seems to be missing) of report card comments.  I bet I can type them faster than it takes me to write one report card comment for one of my second graders!  I am not meaning to be critical of my teachers - only pointing out how different things are now.

Grade One
Maryann is a pleasure!!
Maryann is doing 100% work!!! (Notice how I improved as shown by the extra exclamation point.)
It has been my pleasure working with you and Maryann.

Grade Two
Maryann is a very good worker but tends to be too serious. (I'm pretty sure this isn't a good thing!!)
Maryann seems much more relaxed.
Everything is fine! Maryann is working very well.

Maryann has been a pleasure to teach.

Grade Three
Despite a few bouts with illness, Maryann has kept up in her work and is doing a very good job.
I am pleased with Maryann's work.
Maryann is a good student.

Grade Four
Marianne is a pleasure to teach. (And apparently I changed the spelling of my name.)
Marianne helped to make this year a pleasant one for me! (Glad I could be of service!)

Grade Five
Maryann is a joy to teach and to know. (Usually I'm a pleasure to teach, but OK, I'll be a joy this year.)
Maryann continues to do very well.
Maryann adds much to the spirit of the class.
Maryann has been a joy all year. (Whew!  I was going for a record - one full year of joy!)

Grade Six
No comments...Maybe they were on another piece of paper?  Or maybe I was just not that memorable!

Grade Seven
Maryann is a pleasant and industrious student.
God bless you, Maryann!  Happy summer :) (Two exclamation points and a smile - the original smile emoticon)

So, I didn't find much out about me by reading my old report card comments.  I did discover I got a "C" in religion in first grade - what is THAT?  I really don't get C's, but I don't think my religion teacher knew that during the first marking period of first grade (She switched to B's for the rest of the year.)  So I do have some questions for my elementary teachers.  I wonder where they are these days and if they're taking appointments!!

One thing I did learn is that I will NOT be using pleasure or pleasant in any of my report cards comments this year, for sure!!

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  1. We have scripted comments we have to choose from for our progress reports. Typically it drives me slightly nuts but you've convinced me I should be grateful!