Monday, November 8, 2010

Junior Doodle

This is the second year I'm working with Junior Doodle.  I have connected to the Creative Juices blog and their What the Doodle posts and created our own primary-level version of this activity.  I've found this is a great way to build vocabulary, connect with some creative authors and illustrators, develop critical thinking skills, and have some fun.  Basically, you obtain a word from a random word generator or any way you'd like.  In our classroom, we start by thinking of the various meanings and uses of the word.  Then we discuss some of the possibilities for creating an interesting drawing (later the children might find other ways of representing the word that are not just drawings).  Then, at the end of the week, we share.

We have only done one word this year, and the second word was just introduced today - it's "conductor."  What can you do with conductor?

Find out more about Junior Doodle here -

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