Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Educon 2017 Session - Mental Health: Finding Help, Getting Help

Educon 2.9 takes place January 27-29 at the Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia, PA. On Saturday, January 28, from 1-2:30 pm, in Room 209, I'll be leading a conversation about Mental Health, with a focus on mental health and mental illness as it relates to our school communities. The goal is to help each other become better informed, to share resources, and to simply provide a supportive environment for those who want to discuss this sensitive topic. Throughout the session, we will use a shared document to post notes and resources. Finally, participants will discuss some "next steps" that can be taken to help support mental health in our communities.

There will be a brief intro (statistics, short video clip, share-out) and then participants will join in small group discussions about challenging issues related to mental health, including discussions of how schools can support students, families, and colleagues with mental health needs. Here are some of the proposed questions. Keep in mind the conversation will be flexible to take into account participants' needs and expertise. 
  1. Are our learning communities designed to promote mental health for all?
  2. Do we know how to identify signs of mental illness? 
  3. Do we know where to go to find help for those in need? Do schools have supports in place to help children and adults who are part of our communities?
  4. Are schools responsible for reaching out to families or helping family members? 
  5. Are we keeping an eye on our colleagues? Is self-help possible?
  6. What are some next steps for our communities?

Consider attending Educon this year. It's a great opportunity to "recharge" during the winter months. If you are attending, I hope to see you at the Mental Health session. 

Take care!

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