Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hopes and Dreams...and Dash of Criticism??

I have been digging through some old papers, photos, etc., as part of my summer cleaning. There are old reports, standardized tests, report cards, class photos - some I haven't seen in many, many years. So I stumbled upon a piece of writing that seems to have been written in third grade. It was tucked away in my report card. It is my plans for the future, and I don't remember writing it at all. It appears to be a draft, and I am hoping a copy never made it to school as I apparently had some big dreams for the future but also had some serious criticisms for my current teacher built into the text. It does make me think...I know young children are dreamers...I know they have ideas about what they want to learn...I know they love to love their teachers. I know that when you ask young children how to make things better, they will tell you, but are we all willing to ask? Or, are our student's ideas going to be tucked away in an attic for 30+ years? (And, no, I'm not scanning in a photo!!)

My Future
(as planned by Me, probably in third grade)

     I have a lot of plans for the future.  I would like to live on a farm because I like all kinds of animals.  I like planting food and then picking it.  At my farm I would like to have a big pond.  In it there would be ducks, fish, geese, and swans.  I would have a giant barn with horses, cows, and in the hay maybe kittens.  I would want to be a teacher.  I wouldn't be mean like you.  I wouldn't be the boss all the time, and I wouldn't give lots of homework.  I want to teach kindergarten, first, second, or third grade because I think I will be small, and I don't want to look small.  If they are small, I will look bigger than I really am.  I kind of want to be a model or a movie star because they get paid a lot.  I might just want to be a mother with about three children, but I'll never know until the time comes.  I hope you liked the story of, you guessed it, me.

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