Saturday, July 31, 2010

More Summer Reflections of Little Me - A First Drawing

"Airplane"  by Little Maryann, Age 3

The last time I wrote about "little me" I shared a piece of writing from, most likely, third grade.  It was a piece that I don't remember writing at all (see "Hopes and Dreams...").  

Today, I am sharing one of my first drawings.  I drew this when I was three years old, and, surprisingly, I DO remember drawing this (or at least I feel like I do).  Not only do I remember drawing it, but I remember how proud I was of my amazing accomplishment! Luckily, my mother saved it and marked the date.  Otherwise, this might not be something I still remember.

I always tell my second graders how important it is to keep a record of what's happening in their lives, either in the form of writing, photos, video, or drawings.  I tell them they will remember some things about their childhood, but not everything.  I ask them to recall the first day of kindergarten, of first grade. Few can recall many, if any, details.  Fortunately, young children today have many opportunities to document what's going on in their lives, from the most basic of ways--writing it down--to a full video production.  It is up to us to help them develop the skills to be the recorders of their history and to help them be aware of what's going on around them.  

Later, when they find an old keepsake that sparks a memory, it will be truly priceless!  Even on the last day of school, when the second graders receive their year's worth of writing journals, they are amazed at what they were, and what they have become.  Priceless!

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